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We invite you to discover an innovative and customisable wardrobe built around you and your lifestyle. Embodying the pinnacle of craftsmanship and creative expression.

Bespoke Tailor for Custom Suits & Shirts.

How we work: Bespoke Tailoring

Welcome at Melis Bespoke Tailoring, a world of personal attention and tailoring craft. Having a bespoke garment made is an experience you could see as your personal sartorial journey. This needs time, attention and the right expertise and experience in the field of tailoring and dressing people. We would love to be your guide and advisor on this exploration. This way you become aware of all the facets influencing your clothing. And you uncover what fits you the best regarding measurements, models, styles, fabrics, colors and details. Our traditional method of tailoring makes sure your garment fits you physically, but more importantly, fits you personally.

What does an appointment for your bespoke suit look like?

1. Making Your Acquaintance

During the 1st appointment we will make your acquaintance and get personally familiar with each other uncovering your wishes and introduce you to our expertise and experience to inspire and inform you. Thereby, being well prepared is half the job done. Making it clear what you want, what it should look like and what you can expect from us. A golden opportunity to acquire inspiration is to bring along a suit you own and browsing blogs and pictures. Look at different fabrics, styles, models, combinations and naturally, the feeling a certain image or garment invokes. This way you can clearly organise your wishes and demands and we can provide information and inspiration. Bespoke tailoring is 100% customisable, so do not hesitate to make your wishes and demands known.

2. Materials

The next step is making a selection of fabrics you like, but also provide the performance you are looking for. A fabric can have the color and pattern you are looking for but could be too warm for your desired use. Melis provides a wide collection of fabrics and linings. It is also possible to provide your own fabric, opening up opportunities to personalize your style even further by combining fabrics and styles.

3. Model

Next we will design a model for you which can accentuate or camouflage to your liking. This can be any desired style and model. With bespoke tailored suits, anything is possible. Ranging from the broadness of your lapel, the shoulder style, unique pockets and unlined or unstructured construction. Nothing is impossible as long as it is technically possible for our tailor to craft.

4. Measurements

When you have everything sorted regarding materials and model we will start with the blueprint of your garment which is the personal pattern. Your measurements will be taken by advisors with years of experience in this field. People who know how fabrics, measurements and models relate to each other and how these can be constructed into a garment. This creates a balance, one of the most important factors for those who wish to dress well. Broad lapels are beautiful, but when this makes your face appear to be too small we should think of something different. When taking your measurements we not only focus on the physical proportions, but also your modus operandi e.g. that which makes you feel unrestricted and free. On the basis of these factors we decide the fit and balance in your garments. What we view as too loose, you could see as too tight. After these steps we will start with tailoring your garment in the traditional bespoke way.

5. Fitting and Alterations

An important step is the fit that takes place after 4 weeks in which you will wear the garment for the first time. We will address everything step by step regarding measurements, finishing and fit. This will be then altered in our own atelier and will be ready after a couple of days for the next fit. We document any alteration made so your measurements are always up to date when you have a new garment tailored. After the alterations we will step in front of the mirror again and we will yet address every aspect again, and when necessary further alterations will be made. It is also possible to wear your garment first and have them altered later.

Responsible team.

Sahar Al Aufi has been creating youthful yet sophisticated designs for over 20 years.