A-line Style dress: be a fairy princess!

An A-line style wedding dress is one of the most comfortable and elegant styles a bride can choose for her special day.

Whether you’ve dreamed of a dress that perfectly accentuates your waist then flows out as a wide voluminous skirt, or you prefer a gown that can highlight your beautiful upper body, drag attention to your curves then flow loosely over your lower half, this design is your design of choice. It is a classic timeless shape that can be enhanced by special touches and details which will give it a personal touch that can be your special touch on your wedding.

A-line Style dress

A-line Style dress features

The classic A-line gown is characterized by a fitted waistline, followed by a flared skirt. It is a fairytale princess dress that is considered the most flattering wedding dress style.

Whatever your taste is, if you prefer the minimal sleek styles, or the romantic whimsical styles, or even the traditional style with a twist, the A-line dress is your best choice.

As its name, this style is very simple. It comes in every neckline and sleeve length that you can imagine the style you prefer and suits your body.

Is it suitable for your body figure?

The A-line dress is a classic but unique and timeless style. This makes it one of the most popular basic styles and one of the most enduring shapes in fashion world. The design is exactly what its name implies, a design that is fitted at the bodice then flaring out till the floor in a very gentle way. It also helps to skim the hips by its gentle widening at the bottom. So, it is very stylish and suits the brides who wants to look skimmer at the lower half.

However, this style is an ideal choice for almost any body type. Especially for the woman who has a triangle body shape. This body shape is characterized by smaller bust and larger hips. So, the A-line style helps to make equilibrium and accentuate her body figure beauty.

The only single body shape that can’t wear this style easily is the inverted triangle body type. This type has a large bust with smaller slimmer hips. The A-line style will skim the hips more and more and make the upper body looks larger.

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